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Custom Shirts

Heywood & Ringo

the perfect dress shirt. Dress shirt and some casual shirt. Simple pointed collars and fancy wing- tipped tuxedo shirts. Standard cuff or French cuff. Hidden or visible buttons. Make your perfect shirt with our stylist. $80-$250 depending on fabric and style.
S549- light grey
S714- light blue pique
S434- middle blue pinhole
S761- royal/white woven
S209- lavender pique
S892- purple with white stripe
S896- wide purple with white stripe
S883- white with star print
S886- white with black/blue geometric design
S589- black with white/blue plaid
S675- navy/white/red plaid
S594- black/red/white plaid
S655- white/red/navy plaid
S656- brown/navy/white plaid
S25- stark white
S232- white twill
S786- white with square grid weave
S255- white Birdseye weave
S24- baby pink
S719- light blue
S367- royal/white houndstooth
S493- blue/white twill
S651- royal/black check
S805- navy/blue striped twill
S238- silver grey small twill stripe
S443- grey blue pin hole weave
S20- midnight navy
S16- black Birdseye weave
S21- solid red
S268- white striped twill
S587- super fine white
S408- white twill with brown stripes
S733- lavender/white small grid check
S407- white twill with soft chocolate stripe
S367- royal Birdseye weave
S235- white twill with black stripe
S398- white pique with royal double stripe and black single stripe
S402- light blue pique with burgundy double stripe
S399- white pique with navy and red/light blue double stripes
S780- lavender twill
S753- flat lavender
S241- flat midnight black

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Type: Shirts

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