as seen on the hit Netflix show house of cards

Who We Are



We’re a couple of film and TV industry veterans who stumbled upon the idea for HEYWOOD & RINGO a few years ago while assuming we were going the rental tux route for our wedding.  

After being appalled at the high prices of rentals at big box mens’ stores (not to mention, super let down by the dated styles, previous wearers numbering in the millions, and the fact that they had to be returned at zero-dark-thirty the day after our wedding) we decided we could do better.  After all, one of us is a seasoned Hollywood costume designer and stylist for countless film and TV projects with a degree in fashion design.  Why not use the same strategy the entertainment industry uses:  amazing style, classic looks and tailored construction, all for a reasonable budget?

 . . . and the HEYWOOD & RINGO label was born. Our looks are made to fit your body only.  To make your day your day. 

A simple measuring process + our trusted manufacturers and tailors = the look you’ll always remember.  Glitz and glam, without the smoke and mirrors...